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95% of What You Taste is Really Smell

At the heart of Aroma Academy's training is a set of distinct aromas that combine to create the "tasting" experience. The aromas contained in each kit stretch across the stylistic breadth of the kit's category -- whisky, gin, etc. The training method is to build flavors up rather than breaking them down.

Picking individual aromas out of a complex spirit is difficult. Instead, Aroma Academy breaks that complicated nose down into individual elements, introducing them one-by-one. It's like meeting new people; once you get to know them, it's easier to pick them out of a crowd.

We've done this with Scotch and Irish whisky, red and white wine, and gin. (The gin kit has spectacular aromatic botanicals.) Now we're launching a specially developed Bourbon kit with 24 aromas that express the full range of fine American whiskey. The kit will be available December 5, the 82nd anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition. 

We thought that fitting: celebrating the opening of locked Bourbon warehouses with the launch of the best Bourbon training method there is. 

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