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Gin Botanicals - 24 Aroma Training System

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There is no spirit category as creative as gin

What was once all juniper, all the time has opened into a bright new world of delightful surprises. There are gins that introduce themselves with a kiss of lemon drop and wave goodbye with a sprig of lavender. There are spices and florals in the middle, each rising to the top in its own time.

Whether you're sipping gin icy and neat or using it as the basis of an exotic cocktail, to intensify the experience you need to be able to identify the notes that define gin's stylistic span. Our kit and step-by-step course guide walk you through the aromatics of the spirit that traces its roots to 17th Century Holland. When you're done you'll understand what's in your glass better than you ever thought possible.

The course:

  • Familiarizes you with proper nosing techniques designed to maximize the exposure of your sense of smell to aromatic molecules
  • Introduces 24 aromas that span the full range of gin expressions
  • Features four variations on juniper that form the broad categories of gin styles
  • Standardizes the terminology you're using to describe what you're smelling
  • Helps you identify the qualities of gins so you can choose the perfect brand for your favorite cocktail
  • Gives you a great excuse to get together with friends to "study"

The Botanicals of Gin kit contains:

  • 24 aromatic essences that cover the spectrum of aromas typically found in fine gin
  • A training manual that connects what's in the glass with distillation processes so you can better identify styles and brands of gin you're going to enjoy
  • Aroma strips, which allow each aroma to evolve over time just as a fine spirit evolves after time in the glass
  • A scoresheet that reinforces what you've learned from session to session

 Our gin aromas are based on natural botanicals and have been used by major gin producers to train their staff and differentiate their products in the marketplace. There is simply nothing like our kit for understanding and enjoying gin.

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