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Rum Aromas! At Last! Aroma Training All About Rum!

$ 149.99

Rum is coming on strong, leaving behind its umbrella-drink past and reorienting toward quality and diversity that was unknown just a few years ago. The Aroma Academy Nosing Kit opens a whole new world of sugar cane-derived spirits. 

Let us guide you as you;

  • Become familiar with a nosing technique designed to maximize the exposure of your sense of smell to aromatic molecules
  • Learn to identify aromas that span the full range of rum styles
  • Standardize the terminology you're using to describe what you're smelling
  • Identify the qualities you love in a favorite rum so you can seek out other brands that also have those qualities
  • Better match the aromas of rum and mixers to create spectacular cocktails
  • Have a great excuse to get together with friends to "study"

The Rum Aroma Nosing Kit contains:

  • 24 aromatic essences that cover the spectrum of aromas typically found in rums from all over the world
  • A manual that guides you in building aroma profiles for your favorite rum brands
  • Aroma strips, which allow each aroma to evolve over time just as a fine spirit evolves in the glass
  • A score sheet that reinforces what you've learned from session to session

Aroma Academy training has advanced the careers of thousands off mixologists, servers, distributors, brand ambassadors, and retailers around the world. Now it's available in the United States, the perfect tool for increasing your enjoyment and understanding of a spirit that has evolved way beyond being grog for pirates. 

Buy a kit today.

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