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Welcome to the World of Intelligent Nosing

Under $100 wine and whisky appreciationLearning to identify key aromas is critical in the appreciation of fine whisky and wine.

The pros spend thousands of dollars and years of their lives diving deep into those aromatic structures. You can learn the basics for under $100.

Our entry level training kits contain 12 aromas and are available for Scotch and Irish Whisky, and wine. They teach the most effective method of nosing while familiarizing the user with the critical basics of the basics of Aroma Academy's method while highlighting the most common aromas in the targeted drinks.  

While professionals can identify dozens of aromas in wine, getting dead-solid certain on 12 will make the average wine drinker a rock star in the cellar. Whisky, too. Twelve aromas does not a universe make, but it's a pretty good solar system.