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Fine Bourbon - 24 Aromas from Candy to Charred Oak

$ 149.99

Learn like the professionals.

The Bourbon Aroma Kit and accompanying study guide walk you through Aroma Academy's professional training. When you're done, your ability to identify and articulate the subtle aromas you've heard people talk about for years. 

The program: 

  • Familiarizes you with proper nosing technique
  • Introduces 24 aromas that span the full range of Bourbon styles
  • Standardizes the terminology you're using to describe what you're smelling
  • Helps you identify the qualities you love in a favorite Bourbon, so you can seek out other brands that also have those qualities
  • Gives you a great excuse to get together with friends to "study"

The Bourbon Aroma Nosing Kit contains:

  • 24 aromatic essences that cover the spectrum of aromas typically found in Bourbon Whiskies
  • A 40 page manual that walks you through the training, and includes a guide to recreating the aroma profiles of major Bourbon brands
  • Aroma strips, which allow each aroma to evolve over time just as Bourbon evolves after time in the glass
  • A scoresheet that reinforces what you've learned from session to session

If you're the kind of person who keeps several Bourbon's on hand, you'll love this. It'll make exploring the differences between brands much more enjoyable. 

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