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24 Wine Aromas - Understand and Enjoy Fine Wine

$ 149.99

Become the Wine connoisseur you have always wanted to be!

 95% of what we perceive as flavor is really scent. Aroma is the main expression of wine's spirit and character. To deeply appreciate a fine, evocative wine, you have to train your nose.   

That's what our wine aromatics training does.

The Aroma Academy's wine aromatics training: 

  • Familiarizes you with our scientific nosing technique 
  • Introduces 24 aromas that span the full range of red and white wine styles
  • Standardizes the terminology you're using to describe what you're smelling
  • Helps you identify the qualities you love in a particular wine, so you can seek those qualities in other wines
  • Gives you a great excuse to get together with friends to "study"

The Wine Aromas home study kit contains:

  • 24 aromatic essences covering the spectrum of aromas most commonly found in red and white wine
  • A manual that walks you through the training, and includes a guide to recreating the aroma profiles of major wine varietals 
  • Aroma strips, which allow each aroma to evolve over time just as wine opens in a glass
  • A scoresheet that reinforces what you've learned from session to session

Buy the kit and start learning about wine now. 


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